Saturday, September 13, 2008

Whats up Y'all!!

So I haven't posted in awhile but I got a few picks and one video from a few things I've been doin down here in beautifulgirlseverywherelandia. No picks of them.....sorry dad. Ha! totally kidding.

Anyways......hope you enjoy.

Here are the peeps I went to the Clemson game with. Kirk (my boss), his kid AJ, and Aj's buddy. Btw: Autzen stadium in Eugene holds about 50k people, this stadium holds 86k! These southern folks like them some football.

Here are some pics from my little weekend trip down to Charleston. It reminded me of Europe, its one of Americas oldest cities. If you remember in the movie The Patriot, "Charles Town" was the city that Mel Gibsons kids wanted to go visit so bad. So, its been around since the Revolutionary War to say the least.

There were beutiful old homes like this everywhere downtown....i need to get me one a them.

Sorry for the sideways shots, you are going to have to find you own way to view it properly. There are two types of people in this world.....those who will turn theirs heads and those who will lift and turn their laptops.....what type are you and what does that say about who you are....sink your teeth into that one.

This was just a really skinny house that I like.

This is proof I was there....ha no, I just get these picks off the internet. I really live in Eugene with Melisssa. huh?

This was just a random little statue in the middle of this park. I really liked it...its just this little girl in what look like jammies.....dancin around.

I took a harbour tour to see Charleston was awesome. This is Fort Sumter.....another major Rev. War site.

Air Craft Carrier used in WWII, Korea, Vietnam.

Now these picks are from awesome hikes I went on.

Can anyone say...."National Geographic"....?

These are the types of mountains that are to the north of Greenville about 30 miles away.....not bad eh? Its no three sisters....but its got its own charm......

Well.....i have officially gone Southen. You can't walk the streets of the South without a pair of these............. Brandy and cigars at country club anyone? jk.

Aight....thats it folks......I recommend the picking up and turning of the laptop to view sideways photos. Hope all is well in your respective lives and locations.

Sionara!........thats how you spell it

Friday, July 18, 2008

I guess I like to pick my nose!

Hey Y'all,

So heres my next post. Ummm, they aren't really that exciting. Just like where I work and stuff. I think the key to more exciting blogs is other human beings! So, I will try to get some of those in my next one. But again, I am only doin "first take" videos to try to keep the originality up. But also, I will try to do less "walking around" so its not so "Blair Witch Projectish."

So, my question is, are these video blogs that I have done the least bit entertaining? Like is it interesting to see whats going on, or are you like waiting for something to happen that doesn't? Ha! Seriously. Suggestions?

And remember, no comments, no blogs. :).............yes, that was a threat.

Aight Fam, hope all is well.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Pad in the Dirty South!

Hey Guys, so I'm goin to do a video blog...just pics....I'll try to take some cool random videos from time to time.